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Welcoming in a New Year sees an exciting new selection of interior design trends to take inspiration from. But what makes the trends of 2022 different from any other year? These ones are here to stay.

From warm, earthy tones, to taking inspiration from nature and being more sustainably conscious, 2022 is a year of putting people and their wellbeing at the forefront of design.

Continue to read this blog and be inspired by our pick of 2022’s interior design trends that we believe will stand the test of time.

Random Match WALNUT and Random Match CHERRY- Cathay Pacific Lounge, Buffet Area, Heathrow Airport

Cathay Pacific Lounge, London Heathrow Airport


Nature Inspired

With more time spent indoors than ever before, we’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature. Biophilic design is no longer a trend, it is fundamental to interior design due to the recognition that by introducing direct natural elements into a space we can reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rates whilst also increasing productivity, creativity, and well-being.

Biophilia can be introduced into a design in a number of ways through natural material selection, use of natural light, incorporating fresh foliage, introducing natural textures and the choice of colour palette to bring our love of nature indoors.

SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer encompasses biophilia, bringing warmth and the rich natural elements of nature indoors. Its natural beauty, combined with its practical, hard-wearing finishes and the ability to apply the material direct to drywall or to various composites, means biophilic design can be achieved through an array of applications and is used across a diverse range of industries.

Putting people at the heart of a space, considering their environment and wellbeing, are important factors to achieving biophilic design.


A Warming Colour Palette

Continuing with the trend of reflecting the outdoors in, is the emergence of an earthy, rich colour palette bringing visual warmth to interior schemes.

2022 sees the return of warming terracotta, cognac and burnt umber, all deep neutral tones and landscape inspired, that create an inviting atmosphere, perfect for rich and elegant timeless spaces.


Starbucks Reserve Roastery, Shanghai, China


To achieve design cohesion, the use of a rich colour palette doesn’t need to remain in the paint and furniture choices. This can continue in material selection for direct to wall application and associated furniture items. SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer is available in over 100 real wood species including the warming American Walnut and American Cherry. There is also the option to custom stain the veneer to achieve a consistent colour palette throughout all components of the design.

The Londoner Hotel Entrance

The Londoner Hotel


Sustainable materials

With increased awareness of climate change through COP26 and the urgency needed to act against climate change, we will continue to see more emphasis on making sustainable material choices. This also includes taking a closer look at where building materials are being sourced.

As the only supplier of SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer in Europe we are keen to share with you our commitment to sustainable sourcing of the material.

Our approach encompasses the Japanese Mottainai culture, an idea of respecting resources and not wasting them, along with an inherent recognition of their value.

SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer, has a technology of slicing thin veneer which enables us to improve yields by approximately 300%. From an environmental perspective this slicing technology means that the same volume of real wood veneer that once came from three trees now only requires one, making it a more sustainable wood solution in comparison to traditional timber. To learn more about this please read our blog: ‘Sustainably Sourcing SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer’.

Mottainai Icon


Your Wood Solution Partner of Choice

With biophilic design and sustainability continuing to be key factors influencing design, selecting the right materials for your project is critical.

As a recognised supplier of SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer in Europe, we are available to support you throughout your project and to ensure you make the most of this versatile material.

Discover the endless design possibilities of SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer today.

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