SanFoot Real Wood Veneer used in decompression zone of Larnaca Airport


SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer is a robust and fire retardant material meeting Airport standards whilst creating a stunning feature.

Since taking over the operations and management of Larnaca International Airport, Cyprus in 2006, Hermes Airports have been very busy investing in improvements to enhance the overall passenger experience.

One significant change is the improvement of Cyprus’ connectivity, becoming a fast-growing international gateway, with 11 million passengers passing through Cyprus airports in 2019. As the number of passengers is increasing, there has never been a more prominent time to focus on delivering a distinct sense of place on an international platform, putting Cypriot culture at the heart of the passenger’s Larnaca International Airport experience.

Architects, The Design Solution, were tasked with creating a true Cypriot sense of place through the design philosophy whilst establishing a higher quality airport experience for passengers in high traffic areas, particularly the airport’s Decompression Zone. This 200 sqm space consistently sees a high volume of traffic as it is the link between the Security Zone and Duty Free.

It is essential that the area creates a natural sense of flow and to keep the passengers moving within the space whilst subtly discovering Larnaca’s Duty Free zone, for that high-end retail experience.


The material of choice for the direct to DryWall application in the Decompression Zone was SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer for architecturally inspired interiors. SanFoot’s aluminium layer provides strength and structural stability making it suitable for high traffic impactful areas.

This, along with being fire retardant as standard to Euroclass B-s1, d0, in accordance with EN13501- 1:2007, ensures critical fire-safety requirements of an airport have been met.

The versatility of the material enables the sheets of veneer to be cut with ease to form a soft and rounded path on the walls, subtly guiding passengers to the next area of the airport and creating a natural flow of movement.

The theme of Cypriot culture is addressed in the species selection of Satin Walnut Flat Cut (7067) inspired by the carob tree, native to the Mediterranean. The colour contrast of the old (heartwood) and new (sapwood) growth creates an exciting visual and focal point as well a warmth and familiarity through the connection of the carob tree.

It has been proven that using natural real wood veneer within indoor spaces has a significant positive impact on people’s health and well-being which is an important factor to consider when you think of a busy airport environment.

In this respect SanFoot’s range of natural veneers supports the material of choice when incorporating the biophilic interior design trend, a factor contributing towards the enhancement of the overall passenger experience.

SanFoot Real Wood Veneer used in decompression zone of Larnaca Airport


George Sergiou, Commercial Manager of Hermes Airports Ltd commented, “Inspired Surfaces, through their solution-based approach, has worked closely with Hermes Airports to effectively achieve all requirements for the area that now beautifully demonstrates some of the characteristics of Cypriot culture and tradition in a subtle way through their wood veneer material. Our decompression area now plays a vital role in the passenger journey helping visitors smoothly transition from the high-stress security screening to our recently renovated commercial offering”.

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