Selection of Reconstituted SanFoot veneer


Exotic veneers, distinctively vibrant and available in unusual shades, visually offer impactful and show stopping patterns making them a popular choice for luxury interiors that require a ‘wow factor’.

It is not just the unique aesthetics and tropical climates that make these species rare and exotic, many species of tropical woods have been overharvested and are at risk of extinction or have led to habitat destruction and deforestation.

Now is the time where greater emphasis has been put on the A & D community to make more sustainable choices through material selection, taking a closer look at where materials are being sourced. With many exotic wood species governed by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), a sustainable alternative whilst still achieving the aesthetics of rare and exotic woods is critical to act against global climate change.

Reconstituted Wood Veneer

As the supplier of SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer in Europe we are pleased to share with you some of the most exotic species simulated through Reconstituted Veneers. This solution allows you to aesthetically deliver on the exotic characteristics of the tropical wood species without compromising sustainability.

SanFoot Recon Indian Rosewood Flat Cut SanFoot veneer applied curved walls of hotel lobby

Recon Indian Rosewood, Flat Cut (7101) – Echo Aventura Condominiums, Florida

To create recon veneer, first, logs are carefully chosen using fast-growing species that are plentiful in supply to protect exotic trees and preserve precious resources around the world.

Mottainai Icon

The wood is sliced and processed before being bonded, altered, and stained to create a new “log” that can be sliced into veneer mimicking the appearance of the exotic species. We use our technology of slicing thin veneer which enables us to maximise yields by approximately 300%. From an environmental perspective this slicing technology means that the same volume of real wood veneer that once came from three trees now only requires one, an internal approach that encompasses the Japanese Mottainai culture, an idea of respecting resources and not wasting them, along with an inherent recognition of their value.

The process can be repeated as needed to create similar or nearly identical panels or repeating patterns. It is then finished much like conventional hardwood veneers to protect from water or chemical damage and impacts.

Recon Frosted Oak Plank SanFoot in Recon Frosted Oak applied directly to drywall in office reception

Recon Frosted Oak Plank (7110) – Holographic Tech Company, Silicon Valley, CA

Introducing new species to our Recon collection

As part of our commitment to taking action against climate change, we are simulating even more exotic wood species through SanFoot’s sustainable recon collection, including:


Selection of new SanFoot Recon species

Coming soon:

Selection of Reconstituted SanFoot Real Wood Veneer

Endless Design Possibilities

All our reconstituted veneers and 100 real wood species offer endless design possibilities, from custom stains to combination veneers, this versatile material offers design freedom to enable you to achieve your unique design requirements.

Discover the endless design possibilities of SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer today.

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