SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer is a natural wood product selected from biodiverse and healthy managed forests. Along with our patented technology of slicing incredibly thin veneer, SanFoot® maximises yields by approximately 300%. From an environmental perspective the same volume of real wood veneer that once came from three trees now only requires one!

Once sliced, the sheets are bonded securely to a backing creating a versatile material that can be applied directly to Drywall or to provide composite Architectural Wall Panelling.

Its natural beauty combined with its practical, hard-wearing finishes and meeting Fire Retardant performance to Euroclass B-s1, d0 makes SanFoot® the material of choice in a diverse range of industries.

For architecturally inspired interiors, SanFoot® offers endless design opportunities including 100 real wood species, 5,000 custom stain options, a colour-matching service as well species being available to order as FSC® certified^.

Veneer Cuts

One of the first design choices when using this material is selecting the cut of the veneer. The unique visual characteristics of the veneer will depend on the way the log is sliced.

Flat Cut

Flat Cut, also referred to as plain-sliced. This cut is made with the blade parallel to the length of the log producing the appearance of swirls and cathedrals mixed with straight-grain and course-texture.

SanFoot Recon Indian Rosewood Flat Cut Recon INDIAN ROSEWOOD Flat Cut - Echo Condominiums Elevator, Florida

7101, Recon Indian Rosewood Flat Cut – Echo Condominiums, Florida

Rotary Cut

Rotary cutting is performed by “peeling” the log, much like paper is uncoiled from a roll. It is similar in appearance to Flat Cut but has a non-repeating variegated pattern with annular growth rings being more visible in dynamic shapes.

7111 Walnut Rotary Cut - 6th & Alder, Alder Apartments in Tacoma, WA 7111 Walnut Rotary Cut - 6th & Alder, Alder Apartments in Tacoma, WA

7111, American Walnut Rotary Cut – 6th & Alder, Alder Apartments, Tacoma Washington

Quarter Cut

Quarter Cut is made by dividing the log into four pieces and slicing each quarter on a radial. This creates a consistently straight, tight grain often with a parallel ribbon-like figure.

7009 BEECH Quarter Cut 7009 BEECH Quarter Cut - Starbucks,Tokyo

7009, Beech Quarter Cut – Starbucks Reserve Roastery, Tokyo

Rift Cut

Rift Cut is the process of slicing the veneer at a 15-degree angle to the radius of the log. This process produces uniform straight, striped grain appearance. Rift Cut is used mainly for Oak species, minimising the appearance of “flake” that occurs when quarter sliced.

7042 White Oak Rift Cut 7042 OAK, WHITE RIFT - University of Chicago North Campus Residence

7042, White Oak Rift Cut – University of Chicago


Veneer Matching

After cutting the wood, the veneer is bonded and matched. The way the sheets are matched dramatically affects the overall finish, depending on the cut, size of panels, the figure, and the species.

Book Matching

One of the more common styles, book matching flips the “leaves” to face one another much like the leaves in a book. This results in a “mirror-image” that accentuates the grains and other distinctive characteristics of the wood. Book matching can be used with most cut styles, including plain, quarter, and rift cuts.

Book Matching

End Matching

Installations requiring lengths longer than standard sizes will require End Matching of sequenced sets. This offers the greatest possibilities to achieve continuity of colour and figure. The top sheets are flipped to match the grain from the previous sheet.

End Matching

Slip Matching

Slip matching is another common matching technique. In slip matching, veneer leaves are slipped one across the other (not flipped over) and joined to create a repeating pattern. This results in a uniform, aesthetically pleasing repeating grain pattern. It is most often used with quarter and rift-cut veneer for a clean-cut look.

Slip Matching

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^When ordering FSC® certified materials please ensure this is requested on your purchase order as availability on FSC® certified material may vary.